Working @ Clevertech

Some call it a job.
We call it
A dream

Why is it so great?

Working at Clevertech is a pretty amazing experience.

Below are a few reasons why:

You control your life

First of all, it's all remote work. You can be anywhere in the world!

You don't have to experience time-consuming commutes and get to enjoy working from wherever you want, with whoever you want (be it your family, friends, strangers, or by yourself).

The focus, productivity, creativity, and happiness that produces is amazing!

You keep learning

With Clevertech, you become part of a team of top-notch developers. We're talking people who have worked for or rejected offers from companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Adobe, and the likes.

All this knowledge is shared and we're always looking to use the most recent technologies and trends. We want you to experiment, fail, learn, and improve.

Love speaking at conferences? We can sponsor that!

You grow

Want to develop yourself personally? If you show us leadership potential, we'll include you in our leadership program.

It's renewed every quarter and we share information and talk about what makes a great leader, and what have we found, in our personal lives, to have helped improve the most.

It's like personal development on steroids!

You enjoy every day

We always try to make sure you enjoy what you're doing.

We employ flexible agile and lean techniques to all projects, while keeping track of the technologies you love working with, and the ones you don't like so much.

Everyone is focused on a single project, so your focus is not spread thin among many projects, and you keep your goals and personal objectives aligned.

You're welcome to use some of your time in new internal products and/or open-source. We've got quite a few things publicly released that started like that, like visualCaptcha, eskimo and NightHawk.

Some of our latest achievements

We could post a ton of screenshots, but our stuff is LIVE! Some of the great products we've built lately are NailSnaps, OurHarvest, GYSTNow, and DocChat.

What some of our guys have to say


This photo is pretty amazing, right?
You can look like this too!

Patrick, Great photo guy

If you could hear my accent through this text, you'd love me already!

Nazar, Awesome British accent guy

A home on the beach? Check.
Awesome guitars to jam on? Check.
Old military sword? Check.

Adrian, Random stuff guy

I did not approve this.

Kuty, Founder & CEO

A-hem. There are women here as well, you know?

Lyubov, Likes to pose in a wedding dress

Damn straight!

And one more thing...

You're a part of us

Every month we have a CleverFriday, where everyone shares their thoughts about what's getting them excited lately about Clevertech, and where we should improve.

The feedback we get here is great and allows us to continue growing, as a symbiotic and synergetic whole being.